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Minami 17 pre-reg help

To any Minami-types out there:

I pre-reg'd myself, Matt and a couple of friends at Minami 16 but didn't have the cash or my cheque book on me at the time, and have since posted a cheque over to the address I was given when I pre-reg'd us. However, the cheque's not been cashed, and I'm starting to panic that with reg opening this weekend we'll lose our places. I've PM'ed Neil on the forum (message as yet unread) and emailed to the Minami registrations email address, but not heard anything back. Does anyone know of any way I can resolve this, or should I just sit tight till the weekend and see what happens once reg opens? I probably shouldn't be worrying about it, but Minami's my favourite con, and if I've screwed up reg not only for me but for the others as well I'll be furious with myself...

Really quick post to say...

Oh my god I move out tomorrow!!!

 *ahem* That is all. See you on the other side folks!
Ok Nintendo, you win - I am officially your bitch and will pay anything you want for a 3DS.


Oh. Hell. Freaking. YES.

Book meme

Snaffled from belle_pullman 

Bold the ones you've read, italicize those you've dabbled with (read a portion/watched a film rendition/read an abridged version)...

The books...Collapse )

26 read, a further 21 dabbled with. For an English graduate, that's pretty bad!!
It's times like this, when I'm perched on the end of my bed with a metre of leatherette pinned round one foot, that I wonder if being a cosplayer is a certifiable condition...

Aug. 5th, 2010

 I wonder if I can train myself to sew in my sleep...
Am home. Minami was awesome, met some lovely new people and caught up with lots of awesome old friends. Longer post later when I'm less dead and my con luggage isn't all over the floor...

Apr. 1st, 2010

 Dear shoe dye,

Please start being the colour you suggested you were on the outside of the box.

Many thanks,

Mar. 29th, 2010

Bedroom floor is covered in bits of cut up black feathers. There are three new wigs lurking in the corner, next to a pair of dungarees with half a bear face artfully positioned on top to see how it looks. Not to mention the plastic piping and the chicken wire...

Yep, it's cosplay time.
I now just about have feeling back in the right hand side of my face, which is a relief. I don't enjoy the drilling or the poking of bits of metal in my mouth (who does) but I have an equal dislike of feeling numb after leaving the dentist's from the anaesthetic. He ended up doing both fillings this morning rather than postponing one until next week which was good of him (saved me £25 apart from anything else) and touch wood so far I'm not in any pain. Will come back to you on that mid afternoon however.

So now working my way slowly through my lunch, chewing everything on the left so as not to disturb the fillings, preparing for more resourcer interviews this afternoon, and trying to work out why Matt's sent me about 15 blank messages in the last 10 minutes...

On the happy-happy-yey-yey side of things, new phone has arrived and is waiting at home for me. That's my evening's entertainment sorted out right there.